Choosing A Male or Female ???  




Choosing between the sexes can be easy for some but at the same time can be very difficult for others. Things to consider - If you already have animals in the house especially other dogs this must be taken in to account. Males can be very dominant and hormonal especially if they have not been Castrated so if choosing a male Newfoundland with another male dog or female that will have seasons if not spayed in the house hold Castration or Spaying for one of them may be the best option. Females will come in to season on average twice a year and with or without another dog in the house some thought should be put in to having the female spayed at some point. It is worth remembering that Newfoundland's are usually recommended to be Castrated/Spayed only when they are fully developed and in some cases it has been found that they do not shed their coats the same after this has been done so grooming and even shaving off some of the coat may have to be done if you find the coat is to thick to groom. Male Newfoundland's usually go through, what I call "The teenage stage" this usually happens between around nine months to a year and a half of age where their hormones seem to kick in and they can push their owners to the limit to see how far they can go. Females can be more smelly, some do what I call "The stoop and go" where, when doing their business get up before they finish and with having such a mass of hair on their back ends, well I think you will know what I'm talking about by now. This can cause a lot more bathing and grooming plus any carpets or rugs with in the home may need to be washed to keep the smell down. No matter what sex you choose please put some thought in to what sex would suit you, your family and Home best.






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