You will need to start your training as early as possible especially if you are bringing a Newfoundland puppy in to your home as your little fluffy puppy wont stay, that size for long....and could potentially become a giant untrained dog. Newfoundland's can be extremely sensitive. So, please make every effort not to lose your patience or temper on them.

 Do not expect them to run around as many other breeds do and try to avoid to much exercise and physical activities as a puppy. Light exercises on a regular basis is the key so you do not over do it with them. Keep your training shorts but daily and on a regular basis. Training should not be very different from training any other dog. Teach them the basics by giving clear one-word commands and always stick to the same words being used. Good socialization with other dogs and humans is also just as important as any training. Newfoundland's are usually sweet, calm and gentle (well most of the time) and love nothing more than to please us. They love our human company and attention and nine out of ten times for this reason training usually goes well.

 If your Newfoundland likes swimming as a puppy, this can be a good way to exercise them. This will not only make them fitter but can also improve their health and keep their muscles built up.








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