Meeting The Breeder's.   


**What should you expect from your first visit to your chosen Breeder**

Your new found breeder should ask you lots of questions as they should be very concerned that they find the best homes for their puppy's/dogs.


What you should expect to be asked.

* Why did you decide on a Newfoundland? 

What age, sex, and colour are you interested in? 

* Have you ever owned a dog? 

If so, do you still own the dog? 

* If not, what happened to it? 

* Do you currently own other pets? 
Are they spayed or neutered. 

* Have you done any research into the Newfoundland breed to see if its temperament, personality and care? 

* Can you commit the time to take your dog through basic training? 

* Do you rent or own your home? 
If renting, are you permitted to have pets?

* Does your home have one or two Floors? 
What type of flooring does your home have ( carpet etc)?

Is your garden fenced I? If not, are you willing to fence it high for the dog?

Do any family members have allergies to animals? 

Are you able to commit time for weekly grooming and care? 

* How many hours during the day will the dog be alone? 

* Where will the dog be kept during the day? 
At night? 

* Will the dog be kept outside or be allowed into the house? 

* Are you willing to spay/neuter your Newf? 

Are you interested in showing, breeding, obedience, water work etc? If so, which one/s.

* Are you willing to feed your puppy/dog food recommended by the breeder? 


What you should be shown at the visit and/if going to see a puppy/dog.

* Health, Worming, Grooming & Diet Sheets 

* KC papers.

* Any Vaccinations given or vet treatment

* A good contract of sale

All parents health test Certificates i.e.

* HIP SCORE..... results.

* HEART, E/Doppler......  Test it is important now to have the Doppler test done as Stethoscope can not tell us a lot.

* CYSTINURIA..... is very important  and both parents  are done.

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